K. Multi-Method Surveys in GCD

Synopsis of Topic

Not that Kind of Hybrid...

A hybrid survey is simply a term we use for surveys and DEMs that are derived from topographic surveys that involved the use of multiple survey methods (e.g. total station, ariborne LiDaR and multi-beam SONAR). One of the problems with hybrid surveys is that modeling elevation uncertainty might require a different approach for each survey method. How do we mix and match different methods, yet keep all the analysis together in one clean package? The GCD software now supports this increasingly common dilema. In this segment we will cover how to do this.

Why we're Covering it

As spatial extent of surveys expands and the number of topographic methods explodes, it is increasingly common to need multiple survey methods to build a complete topographic picture of an area. This session focuses on workflows to accommodate this new reality.

Learning Outcomes Supported

This topic will help fulfill the following primary learning outcome(s) for the workshop:
  • The fundamental background necessary to design effective repeat topographic monitoring campaigns and distinguish geomorphic changes from noise (with particular focus on restoration applications)
  • Hands-on instruction on use of the GCD software through group-led and self-paced exercises

Data and Materials for Exercises

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Prerequisites for this Exercise

  • Completed Exercises in Topics C, E, F & G

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