Q. GCD Budget Segregation

Synopsis of Topic

In this lecture we will go over the principles of budget segregation - a simple process of breaking up your DoD sediment budgets spatially to better understand the geomorphic processes responsible for the reach. We will use a variety of case study examples to illustrate the various ways you can undertake budget segregation including standard classification and classification of difference. We will focus a lot of attention on how to develop coherent geomorphic interpretations.

Why we're Covering it

Budget segregation is a powerful tool for getting more out of your DoDs. We want to make sure you leave with this essential skill under your tool belt and an appreciation for the range of ways it can be applied.

Learning Outcomes Supported

This topic will help fulfill the following primary learning outcome(s) for the workshop:
  • Methods for interpreting and segregating morphological sediment budgets quantitatively in terms of both geomorphic processes and changes in physical habitat

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