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3. Hands-On User Workshop (Friday)

On Friday we will focus on reenforcing the concepts covered on Wednesday and Thursday through self-paced hands on exercises. Users can choose whether to work up the data they collected in Tuesday's field trip, or work up their own data they may have brought with them. Either way, instructors and assistants will be on hand all morning to help you work through the processes of data preparation, change detection and budget segregation. In the afternoon we will cover any outstanding topics that have arisen and synthesize the course. We will also give participants and opportunity to help shape the future of the GCD Development. This day primarily focuses on the fourth and fifth of our primary learning outcomes:
  • Hands-on instruction on use of the GCD software through group-led and self-paced exercises
  • An opportunity to interact with experts on geomorphic monitoring and the software developers of GCD to help you make better use of your own data